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OXXA's product range is constantly changing. The Respiratory Protection product category is no exception. This category will soon contain more products as a result of a rebranding.

The importance of respiratory protection

Everyone who works in an environment with contaminated air knows how incredibly important it is to properly protect your airways. Personal protective equipment for your respiratory system ensures that the air you breathe is clean. As you work, this equipment prevents you from inhaling any harmful substances. Think of e.g. toxic fumes and vapours, particulate matter and dust, smoke and mist. Breathing in these substances can pose a serious risk to your health.

What type of respiratory protection you need differs per sector and per activity. When purchasing PPE, make sure it fits your face well.

OXXA's range of respiratory protection equipment

OXXA's PPE are categorised as dependent respiratory protection. This type of PPE purifies the air using a filter. OXXA offers various types of respiratory equipment for different applications and work environments. Our range consists of hygiene masks and dust masks.


It is not always easy to choose the right type of respiratory protection. If you need personal advice, feel free to contact our experts. They are happy to help.

OXXA® Basic, working safely without any frills

You just want to get the job done without having to worry about safety. The OXXA Basic line gives you the protection you need. This line includes the right personal protective equipment (PPE) for every sector. With the PPE in the OXXA Basic line, you can effectively minimise your risk of injury without too many frills.

Excellent fit

OXXA Basic includes a wide range of standard PPE. All products in this line have a normal yet comfortable fit. They are fully qualified to meet the highest standards. The products from our Basic line clearly show that your safety comes first. Nothing more and nothing less. Simply excellent!

The products of M-Wear and M-safe now form part of the new OXXA® lines.

OXXA® Essential, safe and comfortable

You do your best every single day to ensure the wonderful projects you get to work on are successful. Your work is not without risk. The personal protective equipment (PPE) of the OXXA Essential line protects you against various harmful outside influences while you work. Safe and comfortable.

Carefully selected range of PPE

OXXA Essential’s carefully selected range consists of comfortable PPE. This protective equipment has just a little bit more to offer than many other products. For this line, we have devoted special attention to the products’ fit and their breathability. This makes them ideally suited to being worn for extended periods of time. Of course, the PPE in the Essential line meets the requirements of the various safety classes. Your safety comes first. You can trust the OXXA Essential line to offer you the protection you need, so you can focus on the job at hand!

The products of M-Wear and M-safe now form part of the new OXXA® lines.

OXXA® Premium, the very best in PPE

The hard work you do with so much enthusiasm every single day is not without risk. Not to worry, though: you can trust OXXA Premium to keep you safe. This product line represents the very best in PPE. The products give you the greatest possible protection during your work. Whatever you do. The products in the Premium range offer exceptional comfort and protection. A series of personal protective equipment (PPE) of the highest quality. The OXXA Premium line gives a new dimension to working in hazardous conditions. You probably wish you had heard of it sooner!

Extra Features

Extra features are one of the characteristics of our premium line. For example, the High Vis polo shirts have segmented striping and a UV protection of no less than UPF 50+. Our OXXA® X-Pro-Flex Ultra 51-293 work gloves feature Ingenia Cool-Comfort Technology, which keeps the wearer’s hands cool and dry. These are just two examples. Above all: safety comes first. Choose the very best quality that the OXXA Premium line has to offer.

The products of M-Wear and M-safe now form part of the new OXXA® lines.