Improved cut resistance and wearing comfort with OXXA DDT gloves

The OXXA-diamond range has been optimised. The cut resistance of the work gloves has been increased, making them even safer. Read all about it in this article.

Existing standards are regularly reviewed and, if necessary, updated in order to continue to optimise the safety and personal protection of employers and employees. Recently, the standard EN 388:2003 has been replaced by EN 388:2016. With the renewal of this standard, the cutting classes, among other things, have been revised. For this reason, we have decided to optimise the oxxa-diamond range.

Features of the improved OXXA-Diamond range

  • De snijklasse van de handschoen is duidelijk zichtbaar voor de arbeider en de werkgever door markering op de manchet
  • The user no longer needs to take off the glove to adjust machines or operate a smartphone or touchscreen. This directly increases safety for the wearer.
  • Also in the improved range, all work gloves are treated with the sanitized® technology. This inhibits bacterial growth and prevents unpleasant odours. This ensures a longer life for the gloves.

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