New arrivals! The Oxxa® X-Pro-Flex Ultra 51-293 glove

Meet the newest member of the OXXA® family: the OXXA® X-Pro-Flex Ultra 51-293 work glove. Its powerful features make it the logical choice for the OXXA® Premium range.

Een OXXA® Premium werkhandschoen

The OXXA® X-Pro-Flex Ultra 51-293 work glove is an exceptionally fine glove. The ultra-soft 15 gauge nylon/spandex/Ingenia™ backing with the thin Premium Foam Technology (PFT) coating provides unequalled comfort and superb dexterity. Apart from this, the glove has many other specific and unique features that are worth mentioning.

The specific features at a glance

  • Thin Premium Foam Technology (PFT) coating
  • High comfort and tactile sensitivity
  • The wearer of the work gloves is provided with stainless steel fibers in addition to polyester, spandex and HPPE

Watch the video for all features

OXXA® Product Specialist Ronald van der Hoek would like to tell you more about it in the OXXA® COMFORT video below.

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