Knijnenburg-Zwirs works with the Oxxa® X-Grip 51-000 glove

At OXXA, we like to get in touch with the users of our products. How do they experience OXXA’s personal protective equipment (PPE)? This time we talk to Paul de Ruijter. He is a planner at the demolition company Knijnenburg-Zwirs B.V.

What are the activities of Knijnenburg-Zwirs?

“We demolish the existing greenhouse buildings,” explains Paul de Ruijter. “To create space, for example. Think of the horticultural companies that want to renovate. We also repair damage. This can be storm or hail damage, for example, but also structural and/or façade damage.”

Gloves with good grip in all conditions

Paul explains that it is very important to Knijnenburg that his colleagues in the field can work safely and comfortably. OXXA work gloves with latex grip play an important role in this. The work gloves offer protection in all weather conditions. Paul: “Whether it’s dry or wet, we don’t want to lose the grip of the sometimes unsightly material we work with.”

“For colleagues in the field, it is important that they can work safely, comfortably and therefore productively. OXXA® gloves play an important role in this respect.

Knijnenburg-Zwirs has found the ideal glove for working in greenhouses in the OXXA® X-Grip 51-000. “The latex coating with pleated finish offers an excellent grip. This is exactly what you need in our industry. As a bonus, the gloves last a long time.”

knijnenburg-zwirs-gebruikt oxxa werkhandschoenen met grip

Cut-resistant work gloves

In addition to good adhesion, cut resistance is important in greenhouse construction. “Greenhouse construction and glass are of course inextricably linked,” Paul points out. “And where there is glass, there is a high risk of cuts. Together with OXXA, we are looking at a new glove that we could introduce. We could then use this glove perfectly alongside the OXXA X-Grip glove.

Field tests with the OXXA X-Cut-FLEX IP

We are currently conducting field tests with the OXXA® X-Cut-Flex IP glove. This is an impact and cut resistant glove. These work gloves can give a new positive impulse to work safety in Knijnenburg-Zwirs.”

Direct contact with the specialist   

“The direct contact with an external PPE specialist like OXXA is very pleasant for us. We have a challenge, OXXA gives the right advice. Based on this advice, we proceed to purchase from one of OXXA’s distribution partners.”

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