Anyone working in construction, logistics, transport or industry knows that good personal protection is indispensable. Two things count: safety and comfort. OXXA personal protective equipment (PPE) increases your safety and provides comfort during your work. From work gloves to ear defenders. And from flame retardant clothing to safety helmets. The products are divided into three sub-lines, each with their own specific characteristics: OXXA® Basic, OXXA® Essential and OXXA® Premium. All products comply with the European PPE Regulation. The difference is in the details: just that extra bit of comfort, the higher degree of protection and the special features.


“OXXA is committed to a world where every employee feels safe in the workplace. To this end, OXXA offers a wide range of comfortable, high-quality personal protective equipment and matching solutions.”


“By focusing on innovations and awareness, OXXA has gained a leading position in the field of safety in the workplace. Within the positive contribution that OXXA makes to this, there is a constant focus on people and the environment.”

As a professional, you won’t only experience the comfort of OXXA during work, but also in your personal life. Total protection, from everything that is dear to us. From everything that makes time, quality time.
That’s OXXA! Work is life. Protect it.


OXXA works with passion and knowledge to increase safety in the workplace. Continuously.


OXXA products add value. To safety, to ease of use and to work as efficiently as possible.


OXXA listens to the experiences of users. With the aim of making innovations that raise the quality, comfort and effectiveness of the PPE to an even higher level.


OXXA protects human lives. We share our specialist knowledge with the market, in which the awareness component plays an important role.

OXXA safety gloves become OXXA®

OXXA has been a leading player in the premium segment for work gloves for many years. The gloves have a modern look, a very good fit, grip and fine finger sensitivity.

With this brand name as a strong foundation, Majestic Safety Products & Services – OXXA is a brand name of Majestic – has opted for a next step in brand development in 2021. The complete Majestic own brand portfolio, known under the names M-Wear®, M-Safe®, ‘Crown’ and the current OXXA have been merged and will all be branded under OXXA®.

OXXA will thus go from only working gloves to a broad range of personal protective equipment (PPE) in 7 product groups. Protection from head to toe! The range consists of the following product groups: arm & hand protection, work clothing, hearing protection, respiratory protection, leg & foot protection, head protection, eye & face protection.