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OXXA® Collection

perfectly in line with your requirements

OXXA® Premium

The OXXA® Premium range offers the best of the best. This PPE affords the wearer ultimate protection. These products boast exceptional comfort, designs and protection. Last but not least, many of the products in this range include additional features to make them stand out even more.

The new OXXA® Premium products

OXXA® Essential

The OXXA® Essential range offers just a little bit extra. With more attention paid to such aspects as the fit, breathability and protection category of the products, they are ideally suited to being worn for extended periods of time.

The new OXXA® Essential products

OXXA® Basic

The OXXA® Basic range includes PPE that you need to minimise your risk of injury. Without too many frills, this PPE is all about your personal safety.

The new OXXA® Basic products

OXXA® X-Pro-Flex Ultra 51-293

OXXA® X-Pro-Flex Ultra 51-293

Unrivalled comfort and outstanding performance.



Lightweight helmet with a short visor, ideal for workers who often climb, have to look up or need a wide field of vision.

OXXA®… the #1 safety brand

Anyone who works in the construction, logistics, transport or industrial sector knows that good personal protective equipment is essential. Two things matter above all else: protection and comfort. At work, and afterwards. OXXA® protects everything we feel comfortable doing. The work projects with colleagues. The precious moments with family and the time spent with our friends. The past, the present and the future. Complete protection of everything we hold dear. Of everything that turns time into quality time.